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2nd Place * Silvia C. Schneegans

Comments: The barely contained desperation was perfectly portrayed! I laughed until the tears rolled down my cheeks. It struck me as truly authentic. Lovely. You´re Welcome Are you at least a little bit ashamed? You come in here, sit down … Continue reading

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3rd Place * Christopher Hivner Comments:  Very funny! Loved the twist at the end, and who doesn’t fear and love the Rabbit Overlords?  “It’s Bassbinder, Sir”             At the Crackleberry Calendar, Note Pad, and Weapons-Grade Fissionable Material Production Laboratory, Marvin Bassbinder sat eating his … Continue reading

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Honorable Mentions

Melissa Goode * A Lack of Oxygen Comments: You truly capture the essence of despair. The grief at a path that wasn’t possible to choose. It ripped at me. Ashley Smith  You Have No Right Comments: Nice walk through the … Continue reading

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We had fourteen entries. Thanks to everyone who participated.  If you participated and want us to include a link to your webpage or blog, or your contact information, please email us ASAP. Doesn’t matter if you won or not, we’ll … Continue reading

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