Winners of the Second Annual Ann & Dan Very Short Story Contest for People Who Don’t Pander!

Forty-six stories entered this year!  That’s more than 3x as many as last year! We had a great time reading all of these and want to thank everyone who entered for giving us this opportunity.  The final decision was  extremely difficult and again we want to stress it is COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE. The winners  were so closely rated by us that we had to ask for some outside help in judging. The Honorable Mentions received at least one 9 rating (1-10) from us. Any of these might have been chosen as the winner should different judges have read them.

Scroll down and read the winners, already. You’re gonna like them!

(Looking for another contest to enter? Check out the Verbolatry Laugh-a-Riot Contest 2016, both free and paid entries: )


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