Honorable Mentions

Melissa Goode * A Lack of Oxygen

Comments: You truly capture the essence of despair. The grief at a path that wasn’t possible to choose. It ripped at me.

Ashley Smith 


 You Have No Right

Comments: Nice walk through the mental anguish and despair of a suicide attempt when there seems no other reasonable option. Nice character connection at the end.

Picture the Scenes

Comments: So many different and bizarre elements that paint such an interesting and really funny picture. I love the ending, bringing it back home. A joy to read.

Enemies are Cool

Comments: Nice character portrayal in a very brief story. You really get a feel for the guy’s narcissim and control issues, which despite his better judgement leads to his ultimate demise. Cool.

David Perlmutter

E-Mail- dperlmutter@mymts.net  Facebook- David Perlmutter- Writer  Twitter- @DKPLJW1  LinkedIn- David Perlmutter  Tumblr- yesdavidperlmutterfan

Dead Legs

Comments: Very entertaining story! Hooked me in first sentence. Really like the characterization and the bit of mystery. I hope you turn this into a mystery series.

Lucille Bellucci


Flying down to Rio

Comments: Excellent portrayal of the mind of a girl that I would say is about 15-16? I see these as beginnings of chapters of a novel. One to start each chapter. Enjoyed it.

Dorothy Piper

A.K.A – http://www.jonihavel.com/

Painting the Town Red

Comments: Nice writing and storytelling skill. Lovely little story.

Cameron Dotti

Cam king of light

Comments: Wonderful skill at describing characters. Extremely funny. Jarring elements work very well.

Lenisa Kelly



Comments: Beautiful writing, suspensful story and nice descriptions. Would make a great book.

Charles Robert Hallinan

My Favorite Bird

Comments: Most excellent how you bring it full-circle. Also love the O.C.D. elements in your character in the beginning. Lots of elements packed in, excellent.

Stacy Brody


Love Struck

Comments: Initial description of love-interest very well done. Depth of emotion is heartfelt and moving. Excellent.

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